Plugged vs unplugged

My grandmother grew up in a village without running water. She had to lug water from the local well.

I have never lugged water from a well. I largely take electricity, plumbing, sanitation, transport and the availability of food for granted. The huge difference between the circumstances that my grandmother was born into and my own is partly to do with immigration from a developing to a developed nation. But it’s also thanks to technology: who has it, who develops it, how much it costs and what it can…

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This can’t be spring.

There's fire in the air.

I walk to the clothesline, full basket propped on my hip. My baby daughter is wriggling in her carrier, impatient for her dinner and I work quickly. Clothes, peg, line. Clothes, peg, line. Clothes, peg…smoke. Is that someone having a pre-grandfinal-public-holiday barbecue? Burning rubbish? No, it’s the earthy, acrid smell of native grasses and eucalyptus, mingled with burning dust. Energy pulses through my body, starting at my chest and racing…

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A few of my favourite things

What brings you small moments of joy? Here are a few of mine.

It’s autumn here and the nights are starting to feel crisp, especially in those hours between five and seven in the morning, when the sun is yet to make its way over the tops of the hills across the road. I’m spending a lot of time inside, drinking tea and watching ABC news 24. My partner and I welcomed our first child into the world earlier this month. We’re three…

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Are you prepared to say no?

Inspiration for going after what you really want.

You’ve got to declare what you want to do as sacred. - Danielle La Porte

Can you imagine how much lesser our world would be if some of the artists we love and admire, had taken jobs as bank tellers or lawyers instead of producing their creative work?

I love reading about successful creatives . I especially can’t get enough of learning about how they got where they were going.

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Gifts from the garden

Preserving some of life's fleeting pleasures

My mum is a gardener. Last time I visited, I commented on the beauty of the flowers in her garden to which she replied, ‘Yeah, well…they’re just annuals…they’ll be dead soon.’

Gardening is relentless like that. The experienced gardener knows that present beauty and abundance is under constant attack from the seasons, weeds and pests. Even when the flowers are in full bloom, Mum is thinking of the next thing…

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Home is where the harm is

Why focusing on monsters lurking in public places won't keep women safe.

There’s a post doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment giving advice to women about how to look out for their own safety and defend themselves. Purportedly written by a cop, it’s full of things like:

Women have a tendency to get into their cars after shopping, eating, working, etc., and just sit (doing their checkbook, or making a list, etc. DON’T DO THIS!) The predator…

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