Moving to the country (gonna eat a lot of peaches)

How was the move? Well...

We did it. We moved from a two-bedroom apartment in Kensington, Melbourne to a three-bedroom plus study, weatherboard house in Castlemaine, Victoria.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I had convinced myself that moving wouldn’t be so bad, that we didn’t have that much stuff and the removalists would do the hard bits anyway. In reality, I disappeared down a two-week tunnel of cardboard boxes, packing tape and call-centre…

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Connecting in a crowd

How an introvert enjoyed spending an entire weekend with 500 strangers

I’m nervous. It’s early in the morning and I’m standing on the footpath outside The Regal Ballroom in Northcote, Melbourne. There are a few groups of people standing around chatting and nursing coffees in the morning chill. A woman arrives and locks her bike up. A meandering line starts to form in both directions away from the doors. There are a few other people who appear to have come alone.…

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One thing at a time

Staying calm and focused under pressure

Urgency and need can be a great motivator. Take it from me, there’s nothing like leaving your well paying job to focus the mind on making your new projects work. But there’s a fine line between useful adrenaline that propels me out of bed in the morning and crushing urgency that turns me into a useless mess. At its worst, I’m a bouncy ball thrown into a small box, ricocheting…

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The need for change

Recognising that the status quo isn't sustainable is sometimes the hardest thing.

It’s easy to think of reasons not to change. Easier still not to think about change at all but to keep doing what we are used to doing, knowing what will come from it. This is especially the case if things may appear to be going quite well. Degrees, status, financial rewards, praise. These can camouflage the need for change so well that it trails us from a distance, the…

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