Hearty beetroot. We had them roasted along with lamb, potatoes and lentils.
Hearty beetroot. We had them roasted along with lamb, potatoes and lentils.

Moving to the country (gonna eat a lot of peaches)

How was the move? Well...

We did it. We moved from a two-bedroom apartment in Kensington, Melbourne to a three-bedroom plus study, weatherboard house in Castlemaine, Victoria.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I had convinced myself that moving wouldn’t be so bad, that we didn’t have that much stuff and the removalists would do the hard bits anyway. In reality, I disappeared down a two-week tunnel of cardboard boxes, packing tape and call-centre muzak. It’s no fun in there and it’s full of irritating questions: how exactly do you pack a handmade Diddley bow? What are we going to do with the cute-but-cranky cat on moving day? How are we going to change the light bulb in the 12-foot high ceiling in the garage? Where is the charger for the cordless drill?

As we unpacked, it became clear that we didn’t have nearly enough furniture for the new place, which meant that we were wandered around in empty rooms feeling like squatters; unsettled and temporary. We discovered that when you buy a sofa from a proper furniture store rather than an op-shop it takes eight weeks for it to be ready. We drove over an hour to collect a second-hand bed frame, only to discover that the seller had failed to mention that it had a Harley Davidson sticker on the foot of the bed. The fridge we ordered was out of stock. The parts I needed to finish the sideboard I’m making didn’t arrive. In the evenings, exhausted, we caught up on episodes of Masterchef at the kitchen table, perched on wooden chairs. The cat hid in the cupboard. Waiting for our new mattress to arrive, we slept in the guest room, all elbows and knees in the double bed. It rained every day for the first week.

Then things slowly started to come together. My parents lent us a sofa. The sticker came off the bed frame. We got a better fridge for a lower price. The parts for the sideboard are on their way. Our new mattress arrived today. Finally, the sun came out and I could take a walk and enjoy the lush greenery and charm of our new surrounds. One of the pleasures of our new place is cooking in a much larger kitchen and we’ve been making hearty meals like roast lamb with potatoes, beetroot and lentils to ward off the cold and lift our spirits. There’s still plenty to do but sometimes, it’s the simple things that keep you going.

I forced Nathan to take a break from unpacking like a maniac.

Delicious pumpkin.

Roses in our front yard.

Some of the local greenery.

The Castlemaine tennis courts in the early morning.

Flowers outside Tute's Cottage

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16 July, 2014

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